Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anniversary, Birthday, Father’s Day Extravaganza Weekend Part 2

The Artificial Cloud

June is my birthday month! And it’s our anniversary month! This year my mom and grandmother kept the baby for a couple of days so my husband and I could go on vacation. This is the second post about out trip you can read the first post here: Anniversary, Birthday, Father’s DayExtravaganza Weekend Part 1.

Saturday morning we awoke in our hotel room, unreasonably early. We didn’t need to be anywhere at a particular time and we could have easily slept in. We had places to go but there was no rush. We didn’t hurry but we were still ready early enough to go to breakfast instead of skip it. We make an effort, on vacations, to go places we can’t go at home in Norman. We think it’s a fun game.

We had a nice breakfast at Mimi’s. The food was good and there was no waiting. Scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and toast is one of my favorite breakfasts. It’s our son’s favorite, too. I would go back there. Apparently, there is one in Oklahoma City.
After breakfast we headed to our first destination.

TARDIS at The Center of the Universe

Who knew The Center of the Universe was in Tulsa, OK?
 Located on the Boston Ave pedestrian overpass between 1st and Archer Street, The Center of the Universe is a fun place to visit. On an early Sunday morning there are not very many people about. The Doctor must have been there but we could only find the TARDIS.

Us at The Center of the Universe

There was an older couple there, also visiting the site. And there were some passersby that gave us some strange looks. The other couple was nice enough to take a picture of my husband and I standing in the middle. There was a lot of graffiti. We had hoped there would be a marker of some sort but we didn’t find one.
When standing on the center spot you can make sounds or speak and it will echo in your ears, but those outside of the circle cannot hear the echo. It’s pretty neat. 

The Artificial Cloud, a statue by Robert Haozous is right next to The Center of the Universe. I think I read somewhere that is supposed to be a commentary on something or other. Something along the lines that the artist thought more people would take time to look at an artificial cloud than a real one. Something like that. Maybe…
Murals in Tulsa

On our way back to the car we walked by these buildings and stopped to take some pictures. I’m sure we looked very touristy.
Woody Guthrie

 I’ve been a WoodyGuthrie fan since I was a kid. I love this!

The Philbrook 

Then it was time to go to the Philbrook. This is my favorite museum. I’ve been here many times since childhood and I always like to go back. It’s a beautiful mansion with incredible art and magnificent grounds. I considered getting married here but it was way out of our price range. If you’ve never been I recommend taking a day and visiting. It was my husband’s first visit. He really enjoyed himself, too.
I have always admired this globe. If I ever can afford it I would love to have a replica to hang in my own library.

The Garden
It's nice to just walk around outside. It's better when it's not so hot but it's hard to find a day in the summer that's not hot and humid in Oklahoma.

We had a late lunch at P.F. Changs after I worked in a little shopping at Pottery Barn Kids. David had never been to P.F. Changs and I had only been once before. There is one in OKC but we’ve never been to that one. Lunch was good. My husband still prefers to have Chinese at a buffet. It was pretty pricy for what we were served. I remember it being much better years ago.

After lunch it we hit the road to head back home and that’s about the time storms started boiling up. It was a tense drive for a while. But we made back safely. Just was we were getting into Oklahoma City I saw a sign for the Outlet Mall. It was another place we had never visited. So we drove a little out of our way and finished our afternoon shopping. We found some decent deals on baby clothes but in general the prices were not what I would call outlet mall prices. Most of the stuff we looked at was full retail price. We probably will not head back that way.

Finally, we headed home. We were happy and pretty tired. Luckily, we got one more shot as sleeping in and we did.

In all it was a wonderful Anniversary, Birthday, Father’s day extravaganza. 

Anyone have any travel ideas for our next trip?