Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anniversary, Birthday, Father’s Day Extravaganza Weekend Part 1

Our Big Trip to Tulsa

June is my birthday month! And it’s our anniversary month! This year my mom and grandmother kept the baby for a couple of days so my husband and I could go on vacation. 

It was our Anniversary, Birthday, Father’s Day Extravaganza Weekend! We haven’t been anywhere since our honeymoon. Since our honeymoon, I very quickly became pregnant, had our little boy, we both got new jobs, and all sorts of life happened in between the big events. This was our first chance to go somewhere and we wanted to make the most of it.

We crammed a lot into our 2 days in Tulsa and I have a lot of pictures. This is day 1. We planned our trip for weeks.
I’d been holding on to a free hotel stay for months and this was the perfect opportunity to use it. So the hotel was easily taken care of and free. Free is always good!

Friday morning we got up and started packing. We had planned to hit the road by 9 AM. But it was also a night without the baby. A full night of sleep with the option to sleep in a little was far too tempting. Still, we were able to hit the road by about 9:45 AM…maybe it was 10. It's about 2 hours to Tulsa from Norman.   

There were a couple of buses full of kids there. Still, we had a good time. 
Our Pressed Pennies

We collected pressed pennies all over the place. I love gathering those things. You know, there is a Penny Collector website to show where you can find those machines.

We saw all sorts of sea life. My favorite were the Moon Jellyfish but I didn't get a good picture of them. I could have stood and watched them for an hour. Here are a bunch of the pictures that turned out well. I think my other favorites were the Seahorse and the starfish. If you have the chance, it's a nice aquarium to visit. I'm sure we'll take our son when he's older. 

This guy looks scary!

Isn't this Pretty!


Love the Star Fish

Sting Rays

Tropical Fish

Love the Sea Horse

A Tree Frog

After hitting a couple of shops around Tulsa we lunched ad Fudruckers. Ever been? My mom lived in Tulsa a very long time ago and liked it then. She said we should try it. It was great! We split a burger and an order of chili cheese fries (Hey this is a vacation. No rules!). We didn’t think to take a picture here. We were hungry. But check it out if you have the chance. It’s a burger bar. You order food and then you go to a big toppings bar and pick what you want. We liked it. We ate lite because we had dinner plans.

We shopped some more at Buy Buy Baby (I wish we had one near where I live) and found lots stuff I’ve been eying online. As we were leaving to go check in at the hotel my husband rad a sign in front to us (I was driving) “Homemade Pineapple Whip.” He had no idea the impact of what he had just said but he quickly found out.
You see, when I was a child a Pineapple Whip trailer would set up in a parking lot each summer in my home town of Muskogee. The challenge was finding where they had set up and then convincing my mom or my grandmother to go there as often as possible before the trailer packed up and disappeared. I hadn’t had Pineapple Whip in years and I quickly decided that this would be my birthday desert! My husband agreed but was a little dubious. He had never had Pineapple Whip. I’ll come back to this.
We checked into the hotel and unloaded the car. We relaxed a little bit and planned the rest of our evening.

Later we went to The Gaucho for dinner. We purchased a Groupon a few days before. It’s a Brazilian Steak House. The kind where Goucho’s carry around cooked mean on spears and serve you. It was not quite as good as Texas De Brazil (we went there on our Honeymoon) but it was still good. I’m glad we went and I’m glad we got a Groupon. We tried all of the meat selections and the salad bar. I think my favorites were the lamb, shrimp, and Picanha. I had one glass of house wine and it went straight to my head. So we had to go back to the hotel for a little while so I could take a nap. I must be getting old.

When I woke up we debated going out again or just staying in. I really wanted that Pineapple Whip so we opted for going back out. We went to Woodland Hills Mall to wander around and shop. But the A/C was out in most of the stores so we didn’t stay in any one store for very long. Still it was nice to go someplace different to shop.

Our last stop for the night was at Iguana Island for Pineapple Whip just a little while before they closed. It wasn’t the same people that set up shop in my home town but I was just happy to find a place that had it. They didn’t have ice cream cones. They served it in styrofoam cups. But the Pineapple Whip was cold and pink (the correct color) and tasted wonderful! It was the perfect end to my birthday and the first day of our vacation.
Some Birthday Pineapple Whip

It was a good birthday and my husband didn’t complain once, even when I said hey let’s do this or stop here or I need to lay down. Actually, he's older than me. He needed to lay down, too. He’s a very good husband and it was a wonderful birthday! 

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