Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fantastic Baking with Speed Racer

Speed Racer (our 2 year old) loves to help in the kitchen and we enjoy cooking with him, whenever we get the chance. With both my husband and I working full time and keeping up with a two year old, there is not always a lot of extra time and energy for this activity. Luckily, we now find that we can bake cookies with him, regularly.

When we saw the Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough Sheets, we both thought that this would be great for baking cookies with Speed Racer. They were a perfect time saver. We were able to skip directly to the fun part, cutting out the cookies, because the sheets were already rolled out.

We have a big box of cookie cutters. I let Speed Racer pick out the ones he likes the best. As you can see, he has eclectic tastes.

We cut out the cookies quickly and easily.

Then came what turned out to be Speed Racer’s favorite part. I pulled out the rolling pin to roll out the cookie dough scraps and he was eager to do it himself. 

With a little flour and very little help, he rolled out his own cookie and even put on purple sprinkles.


The cookies were terrific! We all really liked the chocolate ones.

The best part was that we had a wonderful time with our son baking cookies and making memories. These cookie dough sheets were so easy to use and great tasting that we will certainly buy them again. 
A couple of days later we made the sugar cookie sheets. So, we easily spent another evening making more cookies with Speed Racer. 
I think this will be a regular thing for our family this fall. 

***I did not receive any products or compensation for this post. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Iron Skillet Fonduta

Iron Skillet Fonduta is rich, flavorful, and cheesy. It’s college football season and this dish is an incredible addition to a party spread. 

Using an iron skillet creates a wonderful baked cheese crust on the bottom and around the edges that everyone loves. If you do a good job of seeding and deveining the jalapeƱos, they will just add flavor and should not be spicy.


2 (8 oz.) Blocks of cream cheese, softened (I used Market Pantry)
½ Cup of mayonnaise (I use Hellmann's)
2 Cups of shredded Monterey Jack cheese (I used Kraft)
1 ½ Cups of shredded Parmesan cheese (I used Kraft)
½ Cup of another shredded cheese (I used Kraft Italian Blend)
4 Seeded, deveined, and diced fresh jalapeƱos

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Spray your iron skillet with cooking spray.

In a large bowl combine all ingredients. I found it easier to mix it with my hand.
Using a spatula, scrape the mixture into an iron skillet.

Bake the fonduta at 425 degrees for 30 minutes or until the top is
bubbly and golden.

I served mine with a loaf of sliced sourdough bread. This is also great with chips or crackers…and on a sandwich.

Can you tell that I really like this? I hope you'll try it at your next football party or get together.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Conversations with Speed Racer: Why Mamma Works

I often wonder what my 2 year old is thinking. What thoughts are running through that little head? The more verbal Speed Racer becomes the more I learn.

Last week I was getting ready to go to work. It was one of the rare mornings that he was up and about with me. I could feel the melt down building. He knows what it means when I’m bustling about the house and putting on things like makeup.  On this morning I think I go an idea of what he thinks I do when I go to work. Also, we are thoroughly into the “Why” stage.

Why I work…Apparently

Speed Racer: What doin’ ?
Me: I’m getting ready for work.
Speed Racer: Why?
Me: Because momma has to go to work.
Speed Racer: Why?
Me: Because I have to work so I can make money.
Speed Racer thought for a moment.
Speed Racer: And cheese?
I had to chuckle.
Me: Sure! We couldn’t have cheese if mamma didn’t work.

Speed Racer seemed satisfied until I actually had to walk out the door. Then the meltdown came, complete with tears. It was hard to go to work that morning. But we always need cheese.
Speed Racer is pretty talkative but it’s often very hard, even for me, to understand what he is saying. Sometimes his speech is perfectly clear with words we have practiced. But I suppose we haven’t practiced enough words to cover everything he wants to communicate. And sometimes he just talks so fast it’s hard to catch every word.


There is a show that allows Speed Racer loves to watch. It’s called Pingu. There are no real words and each episode is about 5 minutes long. It’s just the right length for his short attention span and the story is completely told without identifiable words except for a couple for character names. There is sound and expression of emotion but the show was designed to allow people across languages to watch the same show and comprehend the story. So the language spoken is 'Penguinese’.  
Speed Racer has been watching a camping episode over and over, lately. Again, I wondered what he was thinking. Well, last night he climbed up on our bed and pulled the comforter over his head.

Speed Racer:  Come on, mamma.
I pulled the comforter over my head.
Me: Under here?
Speed Racer: Tent. Look! Tent! It’s dark.

And now the tent game has begun. We played “Tent” again today. I think it’s going to be a favorite.

If you are interested in finding our more about Pingu you can check out the Facebook Page and the Wikipedia page.

Also, there are all sorts of items on Amazon.