Saturday, April 25, 2015

3rd Birthday: Octonauts

Each year, I throw a birthday party for our little Speed Racer. 
For our 3rd year I chose an Octonauts theme and we also decided to scale down a bit. My husband and I are working many more hours, far beyond 40 hours a week and I’ve taken on a new project, to boot. We are super busy, so I had to figure out some easy birthday party decorations that go with our theme.

I’m happy to share with you our Octonauts Birthday Party decorations to help inspire your party. If you are pinched for time and/or money, these are easy and inexpensive.
Octonauts Party

  One of my favorite things to do is incorporate some of Speed Racer’s presents into the decorations.
We picked up some Octonauts squirt toys to decorate the cake and table with. That cake was $35 at Sam’s Club. Their cakes are fresh, taste great and guests always love it.

Octonauts Party

Green Crepe Paper Streamers, twisted, and scotch tape make wonderful seaweed! A disposable blue tablecloth makes a beautiful sea. Paper cutout sea life complete the under the sea look. A couple of blow up sea life balls were a fun addition and entertained our birthday boy along with his cousins.
Octonauts Party

This ETSY Shop was a quick and easy way to get a personalized Octonauts shirt for the birthday boy.
Octonauts Party

Really, we didn’t do much more than that this year and it was absolutely enough. Speed Racer had a wonderful time with his family and I was not completely worn out at the end of the day. The decorations were nice and crafty but not terribly time consuming.
One day, I’m told, Speed Racer will no longer wat mommy to put on a themed birthday party. I’m sure that’s true and will be here sooner than I would like. Until then, I enjoy putting together these parties, but I’ve also learned that I don’t have to wear myself out to do it.  
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