Sunday, August 11, 2013

Road Trip Back Home

I love to go on road trips with my family. We always find great places to stop. This weekend we traveled back to my home town to visit some of my family. We like to take our son to visit his great grandparents and his great great grandmother as often as we can. It’s just a few hours away but it’s not always easy to get our schedules to match up. I’m happy to share with you some of the we places we visited in my home state.

On our way to the other side of Oklahoma we stopped off at Robertson’s.  We stopped there on our way back home, too. It’s a great pit stop. We always pick up a good snack and maybe a ham. On our way home we picked up some Jalapeno Summer Sausage and some Smoked Cheddar Cheese.

After we arrived at my grandparent’s house we headed into town for a late lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Hamlin’s El Toro. I always order the same thing, the enchilada dinner (it's the #2 in the menu). They have something called White Sauce. It’s actually a dip that’s served alongside salsa with a basket of tortilla chips. It has a blue cheese base and I think it’s great. But not everyone feels the same way. Luckily, when my husband first tried it he loved it and so did our son.

He Liked the Bead

Later we headed off to Honor Heights Park to feed the ducks. It was the first time for our son. He wasn’t really interested in throwing the bread to the ducks. He ate the bread instead. We still had a good time.
Feeding the Ducks

 It’s a beautiful park. The Azalea Festival is held there each year. It’s worth your time just to drive through. If you have some time and a load of bread stop and feed the ducks.  

Our Son at the Peach Barn

We also visited the Peach Barn. We picked up some Porter Peaches and enjoyed some homemade peach ice cream. I grew up eating Porter Peaches and it was nice to have some again. Grandma sliced them up and served them in a bowl with cream. It was wonderful. David has never had peaches and cream before. I think he’ll be happy to have some again.

Farm on Fern Mt. Road in Muskogee

Grandma drove us out to a farm outside of town on Fern Mountain Road. She said her grandpa took her there once and told her that he helped to build it. I took this picture. It was really beautiful out there.

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the company or my grandparents and great grandmother. It’s always wonderful to go back home and see my family. I want our son to enjoy all of the things I loved about my childhood with my family.
On our way out of town we stopped at my second favorite Mexican restaurant, El Charro. I love their Enchiladas Rancheros. My husband likes their Quesadillas.

We had a wonderful time on our short trip back home. This will probably be our last trip this summer. I wish we could find the time to visit more often. If you have the chance to, I recommend visiting any one or all of these places.