Okie Poutine

The baby is napping and I have a little bit to write. I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing the blog regularly. 

Do you remember the show, Amazing Stories?  I’ve had it running in the background all day while I work around the house. I love Netflix. You can find all sorts of shows you've forgotten about. I’m pretty sure the episode I just watched, Boo! S1:E17, was the precursor to Beetlejuice. Go to Netflix and check it out if you don'e believe me!
I remember seeing Beetlejuice in the theater when I was a little girl. My grandmother took my best friend (at the time) and an excited me to see it. My grandmother fell asleep half way through. At the time I thought I could never do that. LOL…now it happens to me all of the time. I must be getting old. 

Okay, on to the recipe.
It’s Okie Poutine! This recipe is inspired by a dish found at The Mule in Oklahoma City. If you have the chance, visit The Mule and have some of their wonderful food. 
There are some folks that would throw a fit about this recipe. I’ve seen them around the internet. They have very specific ideas about what is and isn't Poutine. Well, this recipe isn’t for them. For everyone else, enjoy!

Okie Poutine


Let's Make Okie Poutine

French Fries Fresh and hot. We used Orida Extra Crispy 
White Gravy (made from a Mix) I used Shawnee Mills
Cheese Curds I used EllsworthI recommend Watonga cheese if you can find it. 
Okie Poutine

Take some fresh, hot french-fries and pour freshly made, white gravy over them. Top it off with some cheese curds. Let it melt together for little bit and enjoy! Easy!

 I like this version much better than traditional poutine. I don’t care for brown gravy at all. I grew up with white gravy or what my great grandmother called cream gravy. She used to make it from scratch. She taught me how to make it using grease from fried chicken, sausage, or bacon. Those are good options, but they take time. For this dish I recommend the powdered mix, you can pick up at the grocery store. It’s more consistent than my gravy making skills are. 

So give something new and different a try. It might just lead you to something you really like. 

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