Easy Reading with Bloglovin

Recently, I signed up for a blog reader service called Bloglovin. I like it so well I thought I would share it. It’s super easy to keep up with the posts I’ve read and haven’t read.

If you haven't heard, Blogger will be eliminating its blog reader in July 2013. I once used Blogger to keep up with some blogs but I didn’t really care for the format. I like that Bloglovin pulls from any blog I add to the blog list, regardless of the host (Blogger, Wordpress, etc…).

Bloglovin features I like:

  • Once I click through to a blog on Bloglovin it marks it as read.
  • All unread blog posts are at the top of my list.
  • I can mark a post as read without clicking through. Just click “Mark as Read”
  • I can “Like” my favorite posts and then go back and read them again or find them again.
  • You can search for new blogs to read if you would like. 

I’ve been using Bloglovin for about a month now and I’ve been able to keep up with the blogs I follow better than I ever have. There are other options out there and feel free to try those out. But hit is the one I like and so it’s the one I’ll share.

I’ve added a button to the menu to the right on this blog to make following easy. Click it if you would like to follow this blog and try out Bloglovin.

Happy reading!

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