A Short Post

Our little boy turned one last week. I’ll try to remember to post a big birthday party post later on. Complete with pics. We had a great time with our family and friends. But that’s not what this post is about.
My post today is going to be a short one tonight. It’s late and the baby needs to go to bed soon.
Yesterday the writing bug got after me again. I’d been ironing out an idea in my mind for a couple of weeks. Then the baby took a nap and I had a little time to edit a piece I’d written a few of years ago.
It actually worked out nicely and it felt like something came together. I guess we’ll see. I decided to enter a short fiction contest. I’ve entered the same contest twice before in years past. The last time I entered I made it to the second round. I hope it works out well this time.
Time makes a big difference and I recognize the change in my writing. I can create better layers. It’s not perfect it is a lot better than it used to be. I’m happy about that as the little voice in my head says, “the only path is through hard work.”
Okay, I said this would be short. We had a big weekend and the work week starts again tomorrow.
Have a great week! 

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