Happy New Year’s Eve! Queso and Soft Mini Pretzels!

Queso and Soft Mini Pretzels

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of my readers!

I think Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are my favorite parts of the holidays. Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are nice but the real fun always seems to be on the eve.

New Year’s Eve has always been fun in my family. It’s full of junk food and movies and staying up late. Well, late can be relative. I think late will be about 10:30 this year. The me of 10 years ago would think that a 10:30 bed time was ridiculous. Of course, that person hadn’t even finished her first degree and little Andy wasn’t even thought of.

It is Andy’s first New Year’s Eve and we’ll be watching a movie. Popping some holiday poppers I picked up and eating junk food. Too bad for Andy that he still hasn’t sprouted any teeth. It’s baby food for him.

The big treat I made this year is Queso and Soft Mini Pretzels. Sure, we have tortilla chips in the house. But soft salted pretzels and queso sounded so good I couldn’t resist making them. It took a bit of time but the pretzel kit we purchased was pretty easy to use. 

I am happy to share our New Year’s Eve treat with you. Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!



Queso Ingredients

1 Can of Rotel (drained)

1 pkg (16 oz) Velveeta, cubed

Optional 1 lb Italian Style Sausage

Optional l Jar of Green Chili Sauce (Recipe at Kelli's Kitchen Blog)


Brown the Italian Sausage in a skillet until fully cooked. 
    Put a Reynolds Crockpot Liner in the crockpot and turn crock pot on low. 
    Put everything in!

    Add all ingredients. 
    Stir the queso occasionally. If you need it to cook faster turn the temperature up to high for a while. 
    Stir the Queso. Don't let it scorch!
    Keep an eye on it. Don’t let it cook for too long on high. No one likes scorched queso. 

    Mini Pretzels

    I’m not going to go into all of the directions for this. The directions that come with the Auntie Anne's kit work just fine. We bought this kit at WalMart. I bet you can find it at most stores. 

    Pretzels ready for the oven!

    A Bowl Full of Pretzels. 
    For mini pretzels make them smaller than the recommended size in the directions that come with the kit. It made 24 mini pretzels for me.This queso and pretzel combo will be a big hit at any party! 

    Yum! Queso and Pretzels!


    Everyone have a happy New Year! See you all in 2013!

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