Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby’s First Christmas Card

Our Little Elf

So, I read on Pinterest, somewhere, that you could use wrapping paper as a backdrop for baby Christmas pictures. You can...until the baby realizes that the paper is wrinkles and tears. I’m glad my husband bought an industrial roll of wrapping paper at Sam's Club last year. 
Wrapping Paper Tears

I got about 2 shots before Andy started having a heyday and my batteries died. Still I managed to get some good shots after I put new batteries in. Normally, I would try to do the whole thing over and get it perfect. But with a baby that’s not really feasible and it’s not always the best idea. Going with it was the best idea. 
Lots of Fun!
I love these pictures. It’s our son’s first Christmas and our whole family is excited. I chose my favorite photo for our family Christmas card. We take our Christmas card pictures Thanksgiving weekend and try to get my order in before the weekend is over. Sometimes it works out and sometimes, not so much. This year I managed it. 

The outfit was half price at Sears a couple of weeks ago. We paid $15 for it. I think it will be something cute for Andy to wear on Christmas Eve if it's not too hot and I'm not too tired.

I’m a very, very armature photographer. I used info from this blog, Under the Sycamore, for photography tips. I recommend reading her tips because they are practical and easy to follow, even though I don’t have the kind of camera she has. I like her tips about cropping, too.

For my pictures I set up near our big sliding glass door for the natural light. I kept snapping photos, even though things were going awry. Then I cropped until I was happy. 

Great Smile
There’s still time. Snap some photographs and make some Christmas cards. Most sites like,, and. are offing some good deals right now.

Happy Holidays!
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