Saturday, October 20, 2012

Teething and Halloween

Infant Dragon Costume
This is the costume package pic. Cute kid, though.

Halloween is approaching and we are not ready. 
Teething 6 month old = no Halloween decorations. Also, no sleep and lots of crying.  
I hate for the little guy to be so miserable and it seems like it’s taking such a long time for his first tooth to break through. He can say "mama" now and roll over. We are still working on the crawling thing. This bracelet is his favorite teething toy. It's not my style but it makes him happy. 

Even though we won’t be decorating we do have a costume for the little guy from He’s going to be a Dragon. He looks so adorable in it. I think trick or treating might take 2 nights. We have all of the grandparent’s houses to visit and that will take some time.  Then we have all of the aunts to visit as well. Between chatting and taking pictures it’s going to take some time.
So, Andy won’t miss out completely on Halloween this year. I think we need to save up our decorating energy for Christmas.