Friday, June 15, 2012

Doctor Who Birthday and New eBook

Our Son and My Birthday TARDIS Cake

As you know we are a geek family. We are big Star Wars and Doctor Who fans. We hope that our son (2 months old right now) will be a geek when he grows up, too. But chances are he, like most teenagers, will think his parents are lame. But until that day we are raising him Geek.

TARDIS Birthday Cake

My husband surprised me with this wonderful TARDIS birthday cake yesterday. I LOVE it! He knows me so well. He even had them use whipped frosting instead of buttercream. I know this probably made the cake cost more because it’s harder to do a cake in like this in whipped frosting…it melts so easily. But it’s the only frosting I like. I have a wonderful husband and I had a wonderful birthday.

Yesterday another writing project came to fruition. This was another book I worked on with my mother. I’m getting really pretty good at all of this editing and formatting for kindle ebooks. I am especially proud of my cover design. I think this one is my favorite so far.

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