Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Participate in a Linky Party

I made my first Youtube Video. It’s about how to participate in a linky party. They are also known as a blog hop.
Unsure what one is? Well, ever notice a blog post with one of those little buttons at the bottom that links to another blog. Often those are there because the blogger connected that specific post to a linky party. It’s a great way for bloggers to share their posts about a specific topic. For those that don’t blog it’s a nice way to find lots of blog posts to read about a specific topic.

I participate in linky parties occasionally. I know other bloggers who participate on a weekly basis. I think it’s a great marketing tool and drives traffic to blogs. I you are looking for one to participate in or to browse google “Linky Party” or “Blog Hop” along with a topic you are interested in such as “Recipes” or “Writing”. Give it a try!

At the top is my first Youtube video about how a blogger can participate in a Linky Party.

Have Fun!