Monday, May 21, 2012

For the Love of Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

  Do you know what Pinterest is? I do and I’m addicted. I love to see what other people have pinned; especially the recipes. We’ve actually tried some and they were good.

  Ain’t technology grand?

  If you’ve never tried it I suggest you check it out. You have to sign up and wait for membership but I think it’s worth it. You can also connect it to your Facebook or Twitter account. It’s a great way to share stuff you find on the internet or to keep up with things your friends like. You can also follow boards created by complete strangers. I do that, too. I like to follow recipe boards. You can repin the pins of others to your boards, too.

  So, take a moment and sign up. You don’t have to pin pages. You can just watch the pins of other people if you want.

  For those who write it’s a great way to create inspiration boards. Pin images that inspire you and go back over and over easily.

  You can also pin blogs you like to read to keep up with them. If you’ve published something or maintain a blog you can pin those, too.  If others like it they can repin your pin. So you can use it as a marketing tool as well.

  There are a lot of possibilities and I suggest you try it out. What can it hurt? Want to see mine?  

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