Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kindle eBook Project

I’ve spent the last few weeks throwing my spare moments at a writing project. I’ve had to reprioritize my weekend time and spend some long, uncomfortable hours on the couch with my laptop. I probably wouldn’t be quite so uncomfortable if I weren’t so pregnant.

I’ve been learning how to use Kindle Direct Publishing and fighting with our crappy internet connection. My mom and I have both written and rewritten. I’ve formatted and reformatted. This phase of the project is nearing the end and I think we are both very ready to move on to the next phase. It’s been an adventure. We’ve made mistakes and corrected them and tried again. It has not been a bad experience so far, either. I’m glad of that because we have plans to publish more books. Hopefully, with more experience this will become an easier process.

David gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I think it’s one of my favorite gifts from him. It is what has opened me up to the possibilities of epublishing and self-publishing. I really enjoy my Kindle and I would recommend one to anyone who enjoys reading. I’ve been reading for a while about the ebook explosion. It took me a very long while, but it seems like a big change has been afoot for some time. I don’t want to miss the train completely. So I’m going to give it a try, along with my mom.

Since this is a nonfiction book I’m going to use my nonfiction name. This book will not be published as Kristine Duffey. That will remain my speculative fiction pen name. This book was written by coauthors, Kelli Davidson and Holli Hagan-Rice (my name). I’ll post more when it’s published, which should be very soon.  

Since this is a Kindle book I would like to recommend downloading any of the free Kindle Book reading applications. If you would like to read our book (when it’s published) you’ll either need a Kindle or one of these apps.

Thanks for reading!