Sunday, August 21, 2011

Doctor Who Geek Night

Our Something Blue: TARDIS
© Distinct Photography

David was not a Doctor Who fan before he met me. I’m not sure he had ever watched a single episode. Luckily he converted. Now we watch Doctor Who and Torchwood excitedly on Friday and Saturday nights.

The second half of the current season of Doctor Who starts August 27, 2011. We are super excited. We enjoy our geek nights with the girls over to eat junk food, watch, and chat after.

Spending time with my friends and enjoying their company and the Doctor together is one of my favorite things to do ever! It’s a good thing for David that he got on board quickly.

I was just thinking earlier today about the day we were married. We were married in June 11, 2011 (a little more than 2 months ago). Our ‘Something Blue’ was a little TARDIS cupcake pick. My mom had gotten me a bunch of them from TheBlissfulBaker on ETSY as one of my birthday gifts. I slipped it into my bouquet after we took pictures. That night we went over to our friend’s house and watched…you guessed it…the mid season finally of Doctor Who. We were dog tired but we still had a great time.

A Doctor Who Gift from David

We can’t wait until Saturday night! David is already planning something special. He just loves to entertain with a theme.

If you’ve never watched Doctor Who and you enjoy fast paced, exciting, intelligent, British television then you should give it a try.

So what’s your favorite entertainment / distraction to share?