Sunday, July 17, 2011

My First Business Card

What do you think about having a business card? Useful or not?

I now have a business card. Actually, I have about 250 of them. I think they should last me a good long time. I had thought about making a business card for a long time. Then that little voice would say, “What on earth would you do with them? That’s a waste of money. Who would you ever give them to?”
So, I would set the idea aside and go on about by life. But one day I was at JC Penny’s and I had on my NANOWRIMO t-shirt with a little crest on the side that says “Author” and the lady at the register asked me what I like to write and some other questions I awkwardly answered about myself.
When it was over and I thought about it later I realized that the exchange could have gone much more smoothly if I had only had a business card and I might have gained a reader. It still feels like a lost opportunity. But I don’t want to miss out again.
I’m also on a budget and until these cards prove to be very useful I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. I chose to order my first cards from Vistaprint.The cards were free and I only had to pay for shipping. Shipping came to about $5. The back of the cards has a small line that reads “Business Cards are FREE at!” I can live with that.
I had to decide what to put on the cards. I don’t want to give out my phone number or my home address. So, I left those things off. But I did give my (pen)name, email, blog address, and what types of fiction I write.
I like the template and I think it’s attractive. Attractiveness is supposed to be important on a business card.
I hope they bring in more readers. They will certainly be helpful if a stranger ever asks me about my writing again. A lot of people give them out at writer cons; I might just have to go to one so I can hand some of these out.
I guess we’ll see.

Thank for reading!
Kristine Duffey