Sunday, July 24, 2011

Distracted and Looking for Focus

I find it difficult to write when life is running smoothly.
If something in my life is off kilter I find it doubly difficult to focus on writing anything. Even a blog post is hard.

For me, if there is a problem, that problem runs around and around in my mind. I throw all sorts of solutions at it and if there are no solutions I can think of I just dissect the problem into a billion tiny pieces. I can go through this exercise anywhere and at any time and get absolutely nowhere.
This prevents me, most often, from typing out more than a couple of useful thoughts at a time. It probably sounds obsessive. But I wonder how many people can say that they never ever do this.
It just means that I have to work really hard to write anything and while writers say that you have to write every day, writing any day is still productive. Just not quite as productive.
Sometimes, if life is difficult it can help to have or do something comforting and familiar. Sometimes I can clear my head by reading, or soaking in a nice hot bath, enjoying a treat.
I spent some time reading last night and I was able to escape for a while. It’s way too hot to soak in a hot bubble bath.  So, I’m going to grab a chocolate shake…and some Lactaid…and settle in to try to focus.
What helps you to take you mind off of your worries and focus on your writing?