Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flash Fiction and a Request

Hello All!
I’ve entered a flash fiction contest. It’s on a website called The Quoteable. They are pretty new but they put out a quarterly print and online publication. In addition they have a blog and they run a monthly flash fiction contest on their site. You should check them out.
What’s flash fiction? It’s very short fiction. It’s normally a story told in no more that 1,000 words. This particular flash fiction contest asked for a story told in no more that 100 words (often called a micro story). It’s hard to pull off a good flash fiction story because it requires precise communication.
I decided to take a shot at it and posted my story on the site. The June contest can be found here and my story is posted using my Twitter name Geminiwriter81. I would appreciate it if readers of my blog would check it out and vote. If you like mine please vote for it but if you like another one more you should vote for it (you only get one vote). I really appreciate anyone’s participation. If you are a writer there’s still a little time to post your own entry or you can try next month. The deadline for posting an entry is June 24, 2011. The deadline for voting is June 30, 2011.
Thanks for participating!

*Feel free to comment here and there. I would really like to know what readers think.