Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Writing Lesson…I hope I learned it this time

Ever get really excited about something for a couple of days and then one day you look at it or think about it and say to yourself, “Ick! What was I thinking? How could I have not noticed that?”

This happens to me all of the time with a new hair style, an outfit, and very often it happens with something I’ve written. I’ve said before that I need to be removed from something I’ve written before I can revise and edit it.

Well, it happened again. I entered a flash fiction contest with a story I had not been far enough removed from. You may have read the blog post from yesterday where I invited everyone to go read it and vote for it if they liked it.

Then this morning I went and read the story again. I’ve actually read it a number of times. But it was only this morning that I noticed a big glairing flaw. I have my main character saying one thing and thinking another. While this can often happen in real life it can confuse readers if you don’t explain something like that. And I didn’t explain it…honestly I didn’t even catch it until this morning.

*Note to self: Slow down, pay attention, and don’t submit anything the day you write it.

Some people may be able to submit a story the day they’ve written it but I think I am not one of those people. I just wish I were.