Sunday, April 10, 2011

Revisiting the New Year’s List

Before I get started here is a pic of one of our Medieval Fair finds. We went last weekend and had a wonderful time. David bought one for me and one for his little niece.

I have been making an effort and some goals are better than others right now. But it’s only April and some progress is better than no progress. How are you doing with yours?
1.  Get married (this is scheduled for 6-11-11). On Schedule!
2. Be more positive. Still trying!
3. Have a good attitude during all of the wedding planning stuff. I’m doing a pretty god job of this. No Bridezilla moments yet.
4. Move up at work. A position at State Office is preferred. Still trying.
5. Finish the story I started for NANOWRIMO 2010. (I have 15,685 so far). Um…..didn’t make it much further.
6. Write at least 1000 words a week or 500 words 2 days a week. Nope. Maybe after the wedding.
7. Create one new T-shirt design a week on More like once a month.
8. Make my Zazzle stores profitable. (ImaginationSpark and WildEye) Tried but still nothing sold.
9. Visit Ft. Worth (This is our Honeymoon). On Schedule!
10. Eat at a Churrascaria. Planned for the honeymoon at Fogo de Chão® (fo-go dèe shoun). On Schedule
11. Use more coupons. Doing okay with this one. I like to save money.
12. Take vitamins every day. Nope.
13. Use the Wii Fit weekly. Not even close.
14. Lose 15 pounds before the wedding and keep it off until after the wedding. It’s a good thing I still have 2 months. I’ve lost 5.
15. Spend more time with David. As much as we can. Stupid work.
16. Spend more time with Mom. About 1 evening a week and Saturday a couple of times a month. Not bad.
17. Have a short story published. Made it to the second round of a contest. Hope to know more soon.
18. Make more money. Not yet but I’m working on it.
19. Meditate regularly. Kind of…Almost…how often is regularly?
20. Be happy at work. Maybe this one should have been “not miserable” rather than “happy” at work.
21. Spend more time with my friends. No time for that either with work and the wedding.
22. Only worry about the really important things. Well…Some days are better than others.
23. Drive more safely. I just got a speeding ticket on Monday. Fail!
24. Read more in the way of books and other’s blogs. Doing okay with this one. I do read more blogs lately.
25. See a movie once a month at the theater. We are actually doing this. I hope we can keep it up.
Good luck to all of us!