Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming Up for Air

I’ve been swimming in a sea of work, wedding, writing, and hmmmm…. What’s another ‘W’ word? Wibbly wobbly dance lessons? Yes, I like that! Sometimes I impress myself.
I’ve made it to the second round judging in the Winter Women on Writing Flash Fiction contest. I would like to be published again and the money would be nice, too.
As far as the wedding plans: it’s not far away. 76 days away to be exact. We took pictures last night for newspaper announcements and such. They look really good. I keep finding things I like for the wedding, deciding I can do that myself much cheaper and exactly the way I want it, and I add it to the list. I told David this morning that at some point I was going to have to stop adding things to the list…just as I was adding some DIY bird seed packets. They are going to look so cool. I’ll post pics when I have them done.
David and I are taking dance lessons at Shall We Dance. Our very first lesson was Friday night. I’m going to need a lot more lessons. When I picture myself in my head dancing it looks like a grand dance scene from a musical like The Sound of Music or The King and I . In reality, I was lucky I didn’t hurt myself of someone else. Our first lesson was a group lesson. Tuesday we take our first private lesson. I hope that turns out a little better.
David’s birthday was yesterday! But he had to work and then take engagement pictures. But he still got to open presents and I took him to a late dinner to Ted’s. Today is his day, too. It started off with sleeping in and then a home cooked breakfast. No dieting this weekend!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!