Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weigh in Day and Cheat Day

Today was weigh in day. I lost 1 lb! Not bad for one week of dieting. That’s really pretty good, normal progress. David has lost 12 pounds. Seriously!?!?!?! I still think the flu gave him a jump start.
Friday was my cheat day....and a little bit in Thursday night. We had planned Friday for a while. We went to a party at my friend’s house. It was a wonderful cheat day. We tried Turducken. I think it’s pretty overrated but it was fun to try it out. We had all sorts of junk food and I enjoyed all of it.
I ended up with a terrible stomachache the next day.
Still I lost on pound and that’s a step in the right direction.
It’s sleeting outside and I’ve spent the day watching Doctor Who Series 4. The Doctor Donna is my favorite. I think it’s the best season.
So a decent weightwatcher lunch is a sandwich. That’s what I made for lunch today.
Pepperidge Farms Thin Bagel is 3 points.
Weight Watchers Cream Cheese 1 point
2 oz. of turkey sandwich meat 1 point
Kosher Pickle Slices 0 Points.
Total 5 points. It was a pretty good sandwich.
David and I discussed the best day to have a cheat day this morning. I think it’s the day you weigh in. We can weigh and then go have what we want. David is not so sure about it. We decided to try different days and see what works.