Sunday, January 9, 2011

Self Promotion, Dinner, and Furniture

This is my second post today. Just think of it as a bonus post. Kind of like a bonus tater tot in your french fries.
In 2008 I had my first and so far last short story published. The title is Mexico Delivered at Your Door. Since then I have submitted and had rejected 17 other short stories. I know that this is what it’s like for most writers and that I’m lucky to have had the one story published. Actually, it won 3rd place in a contest. It was also the first story I had ever written and submitted to a contest. I wish I could recreate the magic. I’m still trying. Until then it’s important to build as much of a fan base as I can muster, or so the writing magazines tell me.
I write this blog and I’m making an honest attempt to keep up with it. Recently, I discovered Stumble Upon and I listed the link to my story there. 'Recently' was about a week ago. But it’s possibly paying off. Since I listed it the Stumble Upon site says that 34 people have viewed it. Yay!!! I hope they liked it. Since it’s possible for people to leave comments on that site I hope some people will.
We went to dinner tonight at Applebee’s and tried their new 550 calories menu.
The experience was not great. I ordered the Signature Sirloin with Garlic Herb Shrimp (13WW points plus) and David ordered the Grilled Dijon Chicken and Portobello (12 WW Points Plus). Service was extremely slow. It took ten minutes to get our drinks. It was a very long time until our meal was served.  I ordered my steak medium. It came out medium rare. That’s far too bloody for me so I had to send it back and wait even longer. David’s came out ready and mine took so long he was completely finished when mine finally arrived. David’s was completely missing the Portobello mushrooms. Otherwise it wasn’t too bad.
Mine was okay. My vegetables were pretty tasteless but at least the steak wasn’t undercooked. I found the meal to be pretty disappointing. The waitress did offer David a free dessert shooter because he would have to sit there much longer while I ate. But we ordered these meals because we are on a diet. So we declined.
On the drive home we discussed it and we probably will not go out to dinner unless it’s a cheat day. We felt like we had wasted money when we left.
My mom brought over the bench I’ve wanted for my entryway today. We purchased this years ago in Chickasha at a store that I think is gone now. The owner had a set of chairs with a dining room table. The table legs had been damaged so he turned it into this lovely piece of furniture. Last week mom decided to put it away. I asked for it because I knew it would look great. Below is a pic.  

I’m not finished with the area yet. I’ll post when I am. I’m going to hang a nice full length mirror sideways above it and put some cute hooks under the mirror.  I think that will look great.