Saturday, January 29, 2011

Low Points! Easy to Use!

Well, I’ve lost 5 pounds so far! I’m glad this is finally working. It seemed to get off to a slow start.
We’ve found some products that make cooking easier and taste better.

The first product is the Land O Lakes Light Butter. It’s 1 Weight Watchers Plus Point per tablespoon. We’ve used it to replace our butter and margarine. It tastes just fine. We are happy to have something we can use to sauté vegetables in that’s not a ton of points. One or two tablespoons is plenty to sauté veggies for 2 people.

Next up is Green Giant Broccoli and Cheese Steamers. It’s not bad at all. We both like Broccoli and cheese and while it’s not like my great-grandmother used to make it is easy to microwave it for a quick side dish. I get a serving of veggies in for each of us without much fuss at all and it’s only 1 Weight Watchers Plus Point per serving.  Each bag has 3 servings.
Happy Cooking!