Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Funeral = Cheat Day

I don’t want to hate my diet. If I hate it I’ll quit. So we have cheat days. If I’m really stressed out I am a bad dieter but I’ll try to keep up. However, today we had to go to a funeral. We decided that today we would not count points at all. We may have gone a bit overboard but we are still adjusting to the new diet. We started at Sonic for lunch because we had to grab lunch on the go.
On the way back from the funeral we stopped at Dairy Queen. The closest DQ is about an hour away. I had a small Oreo Blast. It was great!
After a very long day David and I went to Slim Chicken’s for dinner. Tuesday night is student night. Glad we both have our student IDs. The meal would have been $30. Instead it was $16. It was really good.

But something to remember about cheat days: If you’ve been dieting and then suddenly introduce fried, greasy food to your system you are likely to end up with an upset stomach. We probably would not go this crazy on a regular cheat day. But honestly, the Cheat days are what help me to not hate my diet. So I’m more likely to stick with it.
Good luck to all of us!