Monday, December 27, 2010

The end of 2010...and 2011 Begins

The coming year is going to be a big one. We are getting married in June and we are having a wedding. That’s going to take up a lot of time and energy.
As I type this David is in bed with a fever of 101. Chances are I’ll catch this and my week long vacation will be blown to smithereens. But for now I feel fine. So I’ve decided to write a bit.
As I was saying 2011 is going to have a lot going on for us. I’m not really a list maker. I recognize that a large part of the American population are list makers. When I interview people for jobs we always ask a question about prioritizing daily tasks. 99% of the time the answer involves making a list. If I were allowed to I would roll my eyes and make a face at them. I think it’s a canned answer.
I am not a list maker. It does not give me satisfaction to cross things off of a list either mentally or on a bit of paper. I don’t really understand people who do. David is a list maker. I don’t really mind making lists for him. I kind of like that actually. So… maybe I some kind of closet list maker…for other people…but not for me.
Back to my point. I’m going to try making a list for myself. And then probably not follow it. To be honest I will probably make the list and then forget about it until about this time next year…if then.
My friend Chris made one for 2010 and has now made one for 2011. It seems like a good idea. At this moment I have almost every intention of doing everything on the list. There are things on the list that I know I’ll do and that kind of seems like cheating. But I’m pretty sure there are no rules for this game so how can I cheat? Except lying. I bet that’s an unspoken rule. Okay, I will not lie about having completed something on the list. But that’s the only rule. I really don’t care for too many rules.
I’m sure there are things on the list that I will not do. That kind of feels like setting myself up to fail. I can also see it as pushing myself to do things outside of my comfort zone. I guess that really depends on if I am a ‘half full’ kind of girl or ‘half empty’ kind of girl. That really depends on how I feel at the moment.
Okay, I’m stalling… I know it.
2011 List…in no particular order.
1.       Get married (this is scheduled for 6-11-11).
2.       Be more positive.
3.       Have a good attitude during all of the wedding planning stuff.
4.       Move up at work. A position at State Office is preferred.
5.       Finish the story I started for NANOWRIMO 2010. (I have 15,685 so far).
6.       Write at least 1000 words a week or 500 words 2 days a week.
7.       Create one new T-shirt design a week on
8.       Make my Zazzle stores profitable. (ImaginationSpark and WildEye)
9.       Visit Ft. Worth (This is our Honeymoon).
10.   Eat at a Churrascaria. Planned for the honeymoon at  Fogo de Chão® (fo-go dèe shoun).
11.   Use more coupons.
12.   Take vitamins every day.
13.   Use the Wii Fit weekly.
14.   Lose 15 pounds before the wedding and keep it off until after the wedding.
15.   Spend more time with David.
16.   Spend more time with Mom.
17.   Have a short story published.
18.   Make more money.
19.   Meditate regularly.
20.   Be happy at work.
21.   Spend more time with my friends.
22.   Only worry about the really important things.
23.   Drive more safely.
24.   Read more in the way of books and other’s blogs.
25.   See a movie once a month at the theater.
I think 25 is a good number. They all seem doable. Many are already planned and scheduled.
So, wish me luck. Good luck to you if you are attempting a list. Who knows, if this works out I might try a longer list next year.