Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is your message?

So…. February was a busy month. I had two stories rejected. However, my rejections seem to be improving. One online mag told me that they liked my style and wanted me to continue to submit. They just hadn’t found exactly what they want from me yet. That was encouraging. So, I have to work hard and try again.

The writers circle I have been trying to get up and running with some friends is fizzling. Bad weather has not been helpful. I hope we can get something going soon. However on Feb 6th we did all go see William Bernhardt speak at the Norman public library. His lecture was on story structure and I really did enjoy it. He asked everyone to think about what their message really is for their audience. I suppose I had not really thought about that very hard. It just kind of floated there shapeless within the story. Now I’m attempting to give it more form within the story. Since then I have been asked that same question again a couple of time by others or heard stories about others wrestling with this same issue. Isn’t it interesting how things happen in clusters like that sometimes?

We also went to the Flying Fez in Muskogee, OK (my home town) at the end of February. That was lots of fun. It was too bad David couldn’t go along but my mother and her husband went. We picked up a large assortment of bottled wines. I’ll try to post pics and a list of the Oklahoma Wineries we purchased from soon. My favorite is the Route 66 Blackberry that mom picked up for us. We got some last year and had to get more this year. It’s just too good.