Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Things I’m Grateful For


Our wonderful families

Vacation days from work

Snow on Christmas Day (when I don’t have to drive. Thank you David!)

When David holds my hand

Getting some awesome presents

Giving presents that people like

I had a wonderful Christmas with David and our families. Gift giving and receiving went well and I’m glad it’s done. I love Christmas and I’m always sad when it’s over but I’m also relived. Sometimes I build things up a little and put a lot of pressure on myself to make them perfect. Now, Christmas is done and New Years is next. At least that holiday is more about having a good time.

I need to spend more time writing. No more excuses. I have to schedule the time and use it correctly. That’s the plan. I’m not going to force myself to write every day but I have to do it every week. This is not a New Year’s resolution. Those are made to be broken. I plan on actually doing this.

I made Jalapeño Cheese Cornbread today. It’s super easy. I don’t like sweet cornbread so I always check the packages and find the mix with the least amount of sugar. Conversely, if you like sweet cornbread you can look for the mix with the most.

Cheesy Jalapeño Cornbread

Mix up the cornbread mix as directed on the package. Then chop up some Jalapeños fresh are fine but the kind you find in the jar are just fine. Throw them in with a handful of shredded cheese. Bake as directed by the package. This goes great with stew or chili.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!