Saturday, December 19, 2009

Greek Lunch

I took mom to Ole Town Gyros & Kabob for lunch today. They have new owners… Or so one of the new owners told us when mom whispered to me, “Are they under new management or something?” A couple of brothers bought the place in November of this year. Mom asked the question for a number of reasons I will list now:

• It was warm when we walked in. At times before it was too cold to stay for long. Yay for heat!

• They must have new ventilation. It did not smell ‘fried’ when we walked in and we didn’t smell ‘fried’ when we left.

• The food was served on nice plates and in nice bowls.

• They didn’t skimp on the yogurt sauce or pita, either.

• The food was really good but it was really pretty good before.

• The service was excellent. Prompt refills on drinks and everyone was very polite.

• Servings are generous. One Gyro Dinner would feed two. You might just order an extra salad. Or just plan on leftovers.

• They didn’t change prices. Two Drinks ($1.69 each) and Two Gyro Dinners (9.49 each) came to about $25 plus the tip. Not bad really.

I would say it’s worth stopping in now and then. The only thing I really don’t care for here is the parking. To park in the front is awkward and it’s difficult to get in and out. However, they did have a sign up that said there was additional parking in the back. It’s also a very small place inside but I kind of like that. Sometimes it’s nice to eat at a place that’s not loud and crowded. Still, I hope they move into a bigger place soon…maybe with a drive thru. Ooooo….that would be nice!

Until then it’s located at:

402 E Main St

Norman, OK 73071

Below is a link to their info on UrbanSpoon

BTW… You can make a great pizza with the leftover Gyro Meat. Even if you just pick up a frozen cheese pizza you can add the meat and a little extra cheese. Gyro pizza makes a great meal!
Happy Eating!